Your Guide to 15 AWESOME Dog Parks in the Atlanta Area


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Atlanta, Georgia, the bustling heart of the South, is a city that is full of life and energy. With a vibrant culture and stunning parks, it’s no surprise that the city is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

If you’re looking for a great spot to spend time with your best friend, Atlanta offers numerous dog parks that are perfect for spending time with their furry friends. These parks are excellent places to socialize with other dog owners while allowing your pup to make new friends and run with the other dogs.

Below, we will explore the best dog parks in the Atlanta area, so you can find the perfect spot to take your canine companion.

Piedmont Park Dog Park

If you’re looking for a spacious dog park with plenty of open space to let your dog run free, you have to check out Piedmont Dog Park. This off-leash dog park is located in Midtown and provides approximately 3 acres of fenced space for dogs to run around.

The park’s open fields are also great for playing fetch. And don’t forget about the park’s two-separate dog parks: one for large dogs and one for small dogs. Water bowls are available so your dog can get a drink.

Piedmont is part of a larger overall park that also has basketball courts, an aquatic center, a playground, and much more.

Newtown Dream Dog Park

Newtown Dream Dog Park is one of the top dog parks in the area. It is located in Johns Creek right on Old Alabama Road, and is part of the greater Newtown Park area. This one-acre dog park features artificial turf and a walking trail, providing a clean and safe environment for dogs to play and exercise. They love the splash pad!

Newtown also includes a separate area for small dogs, ensuring that all pets can socialize and play safely. Overall, this public dog park is very well maintained and has excellent facilities, making it one of Atlanta’s best dog parks.

The great Newton Park has a community garden, playgrounds, a senior center, and walking trails. Because of this, it’s a great place to spend the day with your whole family, not just your furry friend.

Freedom Barkway

Looking for a shaded walking path to take your dog on? Freedom Barkway is the place for you. This picturesque 2+ acre dog park has stunningly designed shaded walking paths located in Sandy Springs and North Fulton.

The park also boasts a dog beach located in North Fulton, so bring your pup to enjoy the serene waters and sand beach. On top of its natural beauty, the park also has two separate dog parks that can accommodate large and small dogs.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a great place to take pooch on a walk. Located in the Buckhead community across from Bobby Jones Golf Course, it features a 1.5 mile walking loop so you and pup can get some exercise. At this park and greenspace, you can see a natural creek and forests teeming with wildlife, including numerous species of birds.

This park also has a great playground for kids and tennis courts.

Canine Crossing Dog Park

Canine Crossing Dog Park, located in South Fulton, is a great dog park that features separate areas for small and large dogs, ensuring that your pup can play and socialize with dogs of similar size. The small dog enclosure is perfect for little pups who may feel intimidated by larger dogs, while the large dog area is spacious and well-maintained, providing plenty of room for larger breeds to run and play.

The park also offers picnic shelters, providing a great spot for you to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch with your furry companions. Overall, Canine Crossing Dog Park is a favorite option for smaller dogs and their owners looking for a safe and enjoyable place to play and exercise.

Candler Park

Candler Park is a 55-acre park that features a swimming pool, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a nine-hole golf course. It has several trails and pathways that are perfect for dog walking. The park also has a dog run area, which is a fenced-in section of the park where dogs can play off-leash. The dog run is divided into two sections, one for small dogs and one for large dogs, so dogs of all sizes can play safely.

In addition to the park, Candler Park’s residential streets are also popular for dog walking. The neighborhood has wide sidewalks and quiet streets, which are ideal for a leisurely stroll with your furry friend.

Brook Run Dog Park

Brook Run Dog Park, located in Dunwoody, is a part of the larger Brook Run Park. This expansive park has numerous activities, from baseball fields to disc golf and a multi-use trail.

The dog park at Brook Run is a spacious 2-acre area with plenty of room for dogs to run and play. You can relax on one of the many benches while their pups romp around with new friends. The park also features separate areas for large and small dogs, ensuring that all dogs can safely enjoy their time at the park. With its well-maintained facilities and a friendly atmosphere, Brook Run Dog Park is a must-visit destination for dog owners in the Atlanta area.

Woofstock Dog Park

Woofstock park is a nice little dog park with plenty of space and off-the-leash access. It features separate areas for small (<30 pounds) and large (>30 pounds) dogs, with tons of equipment for them to play.

There are covered benches to sit while pup burns off his energy, bathrooms and water fountains, and plenty of parking.

Atlantic Station Dog Park

Atlantic Station Dog Park is tucked away in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. This small gated area is good for a quick visit with your furry friend. It’s located within the larger Atlantic Station mixed-use development, which also has plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Some visitors have felt like the equipment is old and the park is small. That’s somewhat true. But if you’re already in the area or live close by it’s still a good place for pet parents to let their dogs run a little.

Oakhurst Dog Park

Oakhurst Dog Park, located in Decatur, is a private dog park where large and small dogs play together. The park has been named a wildlife sanctuary, with birdhouses and a pollinator garden.

One thing to know about the park is that personal dog toys are not allowed. But don’t worry, tennis balls are available for your furry friend to play with. This unique feature of the park ensures that all dogs are treated equally and promotes a safe and inclusive environment for all.

South Bend Dog Park

South Bend Dog Park, located in Lakewood Heights, is a wonderful place for dogs and their owners to enjoy the outdoors together. With a spacious fenced area for dogs to run and play, this park is perfect for those looking to exercise and socialize their furry friends. The park also features a separate area for smaller dogs, ensuring their safety and comfort.

The park is well-maintained and has plenty of shaded areas, benches, and water fountains for both dogs and their owners. With its convenient location and friendly atmosphere, South Bend Dog Park is a must-visit for dog lovers in the Lakewood Heights area.

Wills Park

Wills Park in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a favorite dog park for pet owners in the area. The park features a dedicated area for dogs to run and play off-leash, complete with obstacles for them to jump and climb over. What’s more, the park has a separate area for small breed dogs, ensuring they can play safely with dogs their own size.

The park’s well-maintained grassy fields and walking trails make it a popular spot for people and their furry friends to enjoy the outdoors. With ample parking, picnic areas, and restrooms, Wills Park is a great place to spend a day with your dog.

Adair Dog Park

Adair Dog Park is a must-visit location for dog lovers in Atlanta. This park boasts a spacious 4-acre area for dogs to play and run around. The park also features a separate playground area for dogs to engage in obstacle course activities.

While the dogs play, owners can sit and relax at the park’s numerous picnic tables. Street parking is available on Trinity Avenue.

Chattapoochee Dog Park

Chattapoochee Dog Park is the perfect place for dogs to run around and play to their heart’s content. It boasts separate one-acre area for small dogs snd two-acre area for large dogs. It has play equipment for pups to climb, jump, and play on, making for a fun-filled day out for both humans and their furry friends.

Ormewood Dog Yard

Ormewood Dog Yard is run by Ormewood Church and supported with volunteers, making it a community-driven space for dog owners to enjoy. The park has a spacious area for dogs to play, run and socialize. There are also separate areas for small and large dogs, ensuring a safe and stress-free environment for all pups.

If you enjoy this dog park, be sure to become a member and support their mission of continuing to provide a place for your best friend to run.


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