Don’t Miss These 5 Coffee Shops in Jacksonville, FL


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Key Points

  • Urban Bean, in Orange Park, is the best coffee shop for families. It also has the best food of any coffee shop in Jacksonville, as well as live music.
  • Southern Grounds is pricey, but has the best atmosphere for getting some work done. There is plenty of seating, including both indoors and outdoors, and lots of windows.
  • The best coffee in Jacksonville is at Social House Coffee and Bold Bean Coffee Roasters.

Jacksonville is definitely not known for coffee, like Portland or Seattle, but nevertheless there are some really good coffee shops here. There are also a few local roasters who are creating some great beans.

I’m a coffee aficionado myself and went to quite a few coffee shops in Jax when I lived there. Here are 5 of my favorites.

Urban Bean

Urban Bean is in Orange Park, and in my opinion it more or less makes Orange Park cool. It is the hangout spot, and to top it all off the owner DuWayne is a great guy.

They have live music regularly – I should know, I played there once a month for a few years! There is a grand piano and sound system inside, and their website has the calendar of performers.

The coffee here is very good, and they also have homemade bagels, paninis, bowls, and a lot more. There is a drive through if you are in a hurry, but I recommend waiting until you are not in a hurry, go in, and enjoy.

I also appreciate that UB has little seats and books for the kids, so it tops my list of places for families with small children.

Southern Grounds

Southern Grounds has a few locations, but I’ve been to the one in Avondale the most. They are in a big, beautiful building with plenty of seating, free wifi, an art gallery next door, and lots of ambient light. 

There is a small menu of other assorted items, including baked goods. The coffee is pretty good, but very expensive. I think what you pay for here is the atmosphere.

Southern Grounds is the best coffee shop on this list if you need to get some work done. The large tables, couches, WiFi, and atmosphere can make for a productive day. When the weather is good be sure to grab a seat outside.

Social House Coffee

Social House Coffee is also in Avondale, right on St. Johns Avenue, near where you turn to go into Ortega.

It’s a small little unassuming place that is always packed. They did a pretty good job redoing the inside and there are a few seats outside too.

However, the coffee here is very good – I think it’s the best of any place on this list. If you are looking for the best-tasting coffee above all, go here.

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

OK, so I know I just said Social House Coffee has the best coffee in town. But it may actually be a tie between them and Bold Bean Coffee Roasters.

Bold Bean started out as just a roaster before becoming very successful in that business and opening store locations. I first tried them at the Riverside Arts Market. I had just moved from Hawaii and was craving something that could even come close to the flavor profile of Kona or Ka’u coffee. And he definitely delivered. 

After that, I was looking out for Bold Bean Coffee and saw it become more and more commonplace in the stores (Fresh Market, for example) and restaurants (Amaretti, before they closed their San Marco location).

I haven’t been to the cafe yet, but I do know you are guaranteed to get a great cup of coffee.

Le Petit Paris

I had to include at least one place on the other side of town. And that had to be Le Petit Paris. My close friend and former grad school classmate lives on the other side of the river and introduced me to this cafe.

The coffee is good, the desserts are even better. I’ve never been to France, so I can’t tell you if it “looks French” or not, like they aim to be, but I will say it is a very, very nice place. Like Southern Grounds, you do pay for that (Le Petit Paris is expensive), but at least go once, go inside, and treat yourself.

The Bottom Line

Go with the family to Urban Bean for great food, great coffee, and live music. Or get some work done at Southern Grounds. 

If you want the best tasting cup of joe, go to either Social House Coffee or Bold Bean Coffee Roasters. Le Petit Paris has awesome pastries and desserts, very good coffee, and a nice atmosphere.