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About Me

I’m Alex, and I grew up in Mocksville, NC, a small town about 15 minutes outside of Winston Salem.

I also lived in Irmo, SC for three years as a kid. Almost every year we drove to Florida for family vacation – St. Augustine, the Springs, the Keys – you name it we did it!

I went to college in Greensboro and pharmacy school in Chapel Hill. I did rotations for pharmacy school in Hickory, Asheville, and Athens, GA.

During pharmacy school, I worked for Duke TIP (not around anymore :/) and spent 3 summers in Beaufort, NC.

Since graduating, I’ve lived all over the place…. Spartanburg, SC, for a year, lived in Hawaii for 5 years, and then moved back to the Southeast and lived in Jacksonville, FL for 6 years.

I love traveling and now live overseas but have great memories of living in the Southeast and go back whenever I can to visit family.

I work as a medical writer and write for GoodRx, AchieveCE, and others in the pharmacy industry. I also own a pharmacy site and a site to help aspiring medical writers.

This site gives me a chance to get into travel writing while sharing my writing with a wider audience.

About this site

Traveling to far away, exotic destinations may be fun, but it’s also stressful. Air travel is a mess right now, and it seems like we’re regularly hearing of near misses at the airport, lost luggage, and even one case of an airline losing a passenger’s dog.

At the same time, I’ve lived all over the place and there’s one thing I’ve noticed everywhere: lots of people under appreciate what’s in their own backyard. I’ve lived in Maui, and even there I remember a coworker telling me she was so excited to go on vacation in the Turks and Caicos to ‘see the beautiful ocean.’ It is pretty there (I’ve visited Grant Turk once), but I immediately thought – ‘what about the ocean right in front of you?’

This site is all about helping you rediscover your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a day trip, the next great place to eat out, a weekend trip, or a really low-stress, local vacation you can drive to, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

If you’re coming from another part of the United States, you may still find that a short flight will get you where you’re going far easier and faster than an international destination, leaving you with more time and energy to enjoy it.

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