What to Know About Disney Dreams that Soar [New Nighttime Drone Show]


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Key Points

  • Dreams That Soar is a new Disney show with hundreds of drones flying over the water. There are two shows every night, at 9PM and 10:45PM.
  • It is an impressive show that is free to visit and takes place at Disney Springs. The drones have LED lights and fly in sequence to create shapes of Disney characters.
  • Disney plans to run the show through September, but it could be changed and become a permanent part of Disney Springs.

Disney Dreams that Soar is a new nighttime show which premiered on May 24th, 2024. The show is currently slated to run until early September, but I would expect Disney to extend the show to be a permanent feature. 

When I saw it during its premiere, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and entertainment value it provided. 

Here’s a summary of my experience and some tips on how to make the most of the show.

Basic Show Details

Disney Dreams that Soar
Disney Dreams that Soar
Disney Dreams that Soar
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Disney’s Dreams that Soar features hundreds of drones flying over the water at Disney Springs, Disney World’s free-to-visit shopping and dining area. The drones all feature LED lights which align to create shapes of numerous Disney characters which are mostly static, though some make small movements which align with their personalities. 

The show also features an original score to go along with the lights. Disney Dreams that Soar has a duration just short of 10 minutes and is visible throughout Disney Springs. 

However, I highly recommend finding a spot in the recommended viewing areas since the drones are oriented towards that direction. When viewing the show from other areas, it is harder to make out the shapes.

When Does the Show Happen?

The show has two performances each night, which are currently 9:00pm and 10:45pm. The second one is always less busy, though you shouldn’t have a problem with crowds any day that isn’t a holiday. 

If you’re visiting on a Friday night, weekend, or holiday, you may want to arrive at the show about 30 minutes before the first performance if you want to ensure a good spot for viewing. 

The pre-show music featured some of my favorites (a variety which included “I’m Still Here” from Disney’s Treasure Planet and the Goo Goo Doll’s lead singer, “Go The Distance” from Disney’s Hercules sung by Michael Bolton, and the Orange Bird song, a throwback to Florida history). 

Is It Worth Seeing?

Absolutely! I was very surprised by the quality and originality of the show. Being a big Disney Parks fan, I could tell that many of the ideas for the show were borrowed from Disneyland Paris’ nightly castle show, but everything was original and unique to the Disney Springs show. The drones create all sorts of interesting shapes and pictures, and the clarity of the characters created truly surprised me. 

In addition to the fun characters, the plot and sequencing of the show was impressive. The drones don’t need time to reorient themselves from one character to another – there are enough to have some lit and unlit at any given time. This allows the images to transition flawlessly, creating an engaging story that flows with the music of the show. 

It’s a type of show that I have never seen, which makes it novel and interesting. Despite it not being the most spectacular show, I have ever seen, it is very impressive and well worth watching. Overall, I left highly satisfied – a feeling I haven’t felt for most of Disney’s recent changes and new rides.

How Much Does it Cost?

It’s completely free! That’s part of what is so impressive about the show. Since it’s performed at Disney Springs, it is completely free to any visitor who happens to be there each night. 

Parking is also free in the large parking garages, making it easy for visitors to swing in to see the show. If you’re staying at Disney World, you can easily hop on a Disney bus to get there. If you’re staying off property, or even primarily visiting Universal Orlando, Disney Springs is a short drive down I-4.

A Summary of the Show Experience & General Tips

Disney Dreams that Soar is a melody of Disney characters that feels fun and exciting without trying too much. The drone show feels like it’s just a few tweaks away from being billed as a major part of or even complete nighttime show at a major theme park, which is wonderful considering you can see it without paying for a ticket into the parks.

I highly recommend any Orlando visitors take a night to visit Disney Springs to eat, shop, and explore before capping off the experience with the show. Be sure to make a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants beforehand if this is part of your plan, since reservations can fill up fast – especially on weekends. As a bonus, see the Cirque Du Solei show too for a busy but entertaining night.

The best spot to view the show is right behind the Jaleo restaurant, though I had no issues seeing the show from the grassy area all the way past the House of Blues towards the surface parking lot. I’d recommend not stressing about where you end up seeing the show from as long as you are located somewhere on the West Side of Disney Springs.