The Distance from Huntsville to Nashville and Best Routes


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Exploring Huntsville and Nashville is the perfect way to experience two of the most iconic cities in the South. From the bustling streets of downtown Nashville to the charming, small-town vibe of Huntsville, this road trip covers the best of both worlds. 

The distance from Huntsville to Nashville is 110 miles. It takes 2 hours to drive between the two cities.

In this post, I’ll give you your ultimate guide to traveling from Huntsville to Nashville, including how to get there, how long it takes, where to stay in both cities, and much more.

What is the distance from Huntsville to Nashville?

The distance between Huntsville and Nashville is about 110 miles. In total, it takes about 2 hours of driving. The flight distance is just a little shorter than that, at about 102 miles.

Driving from Huntsville to Nashville

There are a couple different routes you can take to travel between Huntsville and Nashville. 

Route 1

The best route to take is to get on Highway 65 and ride it the whole way. Hwy 65 connects the two cities so it is the most direct and shortest path to take.

Route 2

You can avoid some major highway driving by getting on 64 and riding until you hit Highway 24, which is around Pelham, Tennessee. But you will still need to drive a while on Highway 24 until you get to Nashville.

Other ways to get there

In addition to driving between the two cities, other options we’ll explore are flying, taking a bus, or taking a train. Let’s look a little more closely at each option.


It is possible to fly between Nashville International Airport (BNA) and Huntsville International Airport (HSV). However, there are no direct flights between these two cities, so unfortunately you will need to lay over in another city. 

You can get there with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines. Check flight information carefully, though, because some airlines layover in cities that are really out of the way, including Washington DC or even as far north as Chicago. The nearest airport for a layover will be Atlanta, but either way this layover adds a lot to the total flight time.

Taking a Greyhound Bus

Unfortunately, in 2022 Greyhound suspended service in Huntsville. So at the moment it is not possible to take a Greyhound bus between Huntsville and Nashville.

Greyhound stated that they are working with city officials to determine the best location for their bus station. So this situation can, and hopefully will, change in the future.

Taking a Train

If you’re searching for alternative ways to get between the two cities, you may be wondering if there are Amtrak trains running between them. Unfortunately, there is no Amtrak station in Huntsville. 

Normally, you may be able to take a bus from your location to the nearest Amtrak station, but because Huntsville and Nashville are so close together there isn’t a practical way of doing this to take a train.

What’s the cheapest way to get there?

It’s either not possible or not practical to travel by bus or train between Huntsville and Nashville. So that leaves us with either flying or driving.

In this case, driving wins out all around. At a driving distance of 110 miles one way, most cars can get there and back on around one tank of gas or even less,. Driving also gives you the ability to pack as much as you want without worrying about luggage fees or restrictions.

Owning a car isn’t only about the fuel costs. It’s also about the cost of ownership, including purchase, registration, and repairs. According to the American Automobile Association’s 2022 report on driving costs, the average cost to own and operate a new car in 2022 was over $10,000. The cheapest car to own was a small sedan, coming in at around 54 cents per mile.

Even considering this, though, Huntsville to Nashville is still a cheap trip. At a total distance of 220 miles, this trip’s total cost would be around $118.

Plus, if you fly, you have to consider all the added costs of parking at the airport, checking bags, getting a rental car at your destination, and even food and drink in the airport, if you buy any. All those extra expenses can really add up. Plus, plane tickets are priced per person. So if you’re traveling with anyone else, you’ll have to consider the costs for both of you to fly.

What’s the fastest way to get there?

Here again, driving wins out big time. It takes only around 2 hours total to get there by car. The flight time is going to be at least that, because there are no direct flights, so you’ve got to go to another airport – at least Atlanta. Add in layovers and you’re in for a long trip.

When I searched this route online, I found some flights advertising a total travel time of almost 7-8 hours! 

So not only is driving going to be the shortest distance, but you’ll cover that distance faster than you would by plane.

What’s the safest way to get there?

According to the National Safety Council, your chances of being involved in an accident are significantly higher when driving compared to flying. The tightly regulated aviation industry and the rigorous training pilots undergo make flying one of the safest modes of transportation. In fact, this data was tracked over a 10-year period and found the passenger death rate per 100,000 miles for driving was more than 595 times higher than flying.

So, by far, flying is your safest option. And keep in mind these are averages. According to US News and World Report, Nasvhille is the 16th worst city in America for traffic accidents.

What’s the most environmentally friendly way to get there?

While cost is a significant factor in deciding between flying and driving, it’s also worth considering the environmental impact of your choice.

When it comes to your carbon footprint, driving is definitely going to be out flying for this trip, and by a long shot, because of the lack of direct flights. Planes also emit carbon dioxide directly into the upper atmosphere, where it’s more harmful.

Your total carbon footprint will obviously depend greatly on the type of vehicle you own. Fuel-efficient and electric cars are obviously much better for the environment than gas-guzzlers. But even if you have an average car that isn’t the most eco-friendly, driving is still far greener for this trip.

Where to stay in Huntsville

If you’re going in the opposite direction and headed to Huntsville, you may need a hotel. There are a lot of different great places to stay in Huntsville, so check where you’re planning on being before booking.

Here is a list to get you started in your search.

Luxury Option: 106 Jefferson Huntsville, Curio Collection by Hilton

106 Jefferson is an outstanding luxury hotel located right in the middle of the action in downtown Huntsville. Owned by the Hilton brand, this hotel exudes luxury, with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and town.

Amenities include valet parking, free wifi, an onsite bar and lounge. and a rooftop terrace for taking in the views even more.

Pets are unfortunately not allowed here. Service animals are welcome and are exempt from any additional fees.

Midrange Option: Hilton Garden Inn Madison Huntsville Airport

The Hilton Garden Inn gives you very comfortable, even luxury accommodations at a relatively affordable price. They are located just a 4 minute drive from the Huntsville International Airport and Toyota Field. They are also just a 9 minute drive from the US Space and Rocket Center.

Amenities are standard and include free wifi, a pool, a gym, and an onsite restaurant. Breakfast is not included, but it is available and runs $7.95-15.50. Other great amenities for families includes a free use of a crib and an onsite laundry facility.

This hotel is pet friendly. Up to 2 dogs or cats are welcome for an additional charge of $75 per accommodation, per stay. Service animals are exempt from fees.

Budget Option: VIP Inn and Suites

The VIP Inn and Suites is a rock-bottom budget option, but oddly enough pretty well rated for the price point. In fact, they are rated better on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Google than many other hotels in the area that are more expensive.

Like with any budget hotel, though, they have their fair share of negative reviews too. So you’ll want to look more into this one before booking to be sure it’s the right option for you.

Where to stay in Nashville

There are lots of places to stay in Nashville too, so do your homework before booking. But below is a list to get you started, sorted again for a variety of different travelers.

High End Luxury Option: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel is a great choice if you’re looking for a landmark, luxury hotel. It is just a short drive from some of Nashville’s main attractions, like 12 South, The Gulch, and Downtown Broadway.

This hotel has a bar and lounge, coffee shop, and restaurant all onsite. It is also pet friendly. Up to 2 pets are allowed for an additional $75 per stay. Service animals are exempt from the pet fees.

Overall, this an outstanding hotel, but you pay for it – it is one of the most expensive hotels in Nashville.

Alternative Luxury option: The Hermitage

The Hermitage is one of Nashville’s signature, landmark hotels. Located walking distance from all the action on Broadway, this hotel is the very definition of luxury. Rooms are complete with premium bedding and Frette Italian sheets. You can also enjoy their spa while you’re here.

This hotel is pet friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend.

Budget option: Best Western Plus Executive Residency Nashville

The Best Western is an affordable option that is still in a great location. It is under a 10 minute drive to Broadway, Nissan Stadium, and Riverfront Park, and only about 15 minutes from the Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Not only is it affordable and comfortable, but it also includes free breakfast, free coffee and tea in the common areas, free wifi, a gym, and an outdoor pool. A 24-hour business center is available if you’re needing to get some work done.

Pets are unfortunately not allowed here. If you’re looking for a good, budget option that is also pet friendly, you may want to check out La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Nashville Airport/Opryland.

Great camp spot: Anderson Road Campground

Anderson Road Campground is right on the lake and is a beautiful little spot filled with greenery and wildlife. There are a total of 27 campsites here, which includes drinking water, a bath house, and a dump station. There is also a boat ramp onsite so you can easily launch your boat.

Other great things here include a playground for the kids, grills, and picnic tables, so it is a great place for families to camp and enjoy the outdoors.

Another great camp spot: Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

Located 10 miles from downtown Nashville on Percy Priest Lake, the resort is a thrilling waterpark and campground offering various recreational activities. From water slides and zip lining to pontoon boat rentals and an adventure course, Nashville Shores is a perfect destination for family fun. 

You can even stay in cozy lakeside cabins, so you don’t necessarily need to camp to stay here either!


Before you hit the road, you’ll want to plan out your route and decide which attractions along the way you want to stop and visit. There are tons of fun and exciting attractions in both Huntsville and Nashville, so you’ll have to prioritize which ones you want to visit. 

If you’re into history, you may enjoy checking out the Lotz House Museum and the Carnton Plantation. Below, I’ll introduce you to just a few of the many popular attractions.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out my posts on the best seafood and hiking in Nashville, too.

US Space and Rocket Center

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy this US Space and Rocket Center. Visitors can see a real Space Shuttle, learn about the history of NASA, and get a look at the future of space travel.

The Burritt Museum

Burritt on the Mountain has a focus on American history, culture, and art. You’ll see everything from historical artifacts to art pieces, and the museum has frequent exhibits and special events.

The Country Music Hall of Fame

If you’re a fan of music, you’ll want to visit this iconic attraction. At the Country Music Hall of Fame, you can see costumes, instruments, and other artifacts from country music’s brightest stars.

Ryman Auditorium

Ryman Auditorium is one of the most historic music venues in the entire world. You can explore the building and learn about its rich and colorful history.

The Bottom Line

The distance from Huntsville to Nashville is about 110 miles and takes 2 hours by car. Driving is by far the most convenient way to get there, as there are no direct flights. So flying will be longer and more expensive.

There are no Greyhound buses or Amtrak trains that go direct between these cities. Greyhound closed their bus station in 2022, but is hoping to open it up again in the future. 


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