8 Top Paintball Fields Near Orlando, Florida [Plus Course Info]


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Key Points

  • The Orlando area has a number of good paintball fields to choose from. Orlando Paintball has both paintball and laser tag and a big playing area, Battleground Orlando.
  • Warrior Sports Park offers paintball in 4 different courses, and also have great rental gear.
  • Other places to play include Outdoor Extreme Battlefield, Central Florida Paintball, and Mark’Em All.

Orlando has a lot of great places to choose from when it comes to paintball. In this article, we’ll give you a look at some of the best options for your next paintball outing.

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Orlando Paintball

Orlando Paintball is Florida’s only indoor and outdoor paintball facility. With six different paintball fields, players can choose from various themes and scenarios, such as an urban combat, jungle warfare, or a post-apocalyptic setting.

The facility also offers night games and is open until midnight for an exciting game in the dark. Other perks of coming here include free pizza and a free rental on your birthday. 

The experienced staff at Orlando Paintball ensures that everyone, from beginners to seasoned players, has a safe and enjoyable experience. They offer top-notch rental equipment at their armory and have a fully stocked pro shop for those looking to purchase their gear. They also host private parties and corporate events.

Orlando Paintball is also home to Battleground Orlando, which provides laser tag using the same facility. The minimum age for paintball is 9 years old, while the minimum age for laser tag is 6 years old.

Warrior Sports Park

Warrior Sports Park is a sports complex located at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando. Warrior is spread over 10 acres with 4 different outdoor courses and counting, and also have airsoft, laser tag, and gellyball. They are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for players to enjoy their favorite action sports.

They are open Friday 3PM-Midnight and Saturday and Sunday 10AM-Midnight. Warrior sports also offers rental equipment and a pro shop for those looking to upgrade their gear. All rental guns include a free slice of pizza, free admission, and all day air. Their Centurion package includes 300 tournament grade paintballs, while their Spartan package includes a fast loading hopper and 500 tournament grade paintballs.

Paintball is open to children and adults 8 years and up, while laser tag is open to anyone 6 years and older. This park offers pavilion and VIP seating and refreshments too!

Outdoor Extreme Battlefield Orlando

Outdoor Extreme Battlefield Orlando is an outdoor paintball and gellyball facility with 28 acres and a total of 9 fun fields to play on. Players can choose from field themes, including a helicopter hangar, Alcatraz, Misfit Island, and the City.

They also have their very own kids team, the Swamp Monkeys, open to kids aged 10-16. Private groups can book low impact paintball parties, which is especially great for the younger kids since these don’t hurt as much as regular paintball. Events give you the opportunity to meet other players and participate in themed games, like Jurassic Cowboys vs. Aliens.

Their ProShop sells a wide range of paintball equipment, and anyone who purchases a paintball gun through them receives VIP membership to the battlefield. 

Central Florida Paintball

Central Florida Paintball, located in nearby Lakeland, is a premier paintball facility offering a variety of good fields and experiences for players of all skill levels. Established in 2003, they have experienced staff and a Pro Shop to pick up all your gear. Players can play in the woods, inside forts, and in an inflatable field.

Central Florida Paintball is open Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 5PM, while their Pro Shop is Thursday and Friday 12PM to 5PM. Rental packages include a gun, mask, unlimited air, and 500 paintballs. You can purchase additional paintballs. 11 year olds can play here by themselves, while younger kids can play when accompanied by an adult. No food or refreshments are offered here, so they recommend you bring your own, but they do have a drink machine onsite.

Mark’Em All Paintball

Mark'em Paintball

Mark’Em All Paintball, located in Winter Haven, is an outdoor Jelly Ball and paintball facility with three fields spread over 2.5 acres: Kuwait, Normandy, and Airball. Other facilities include a BBQ grill and covered areas with picnic tables, as well as a Pro Shop for all your gear.

They are designed for all types of players, so even if this is your first time you’ll feel right at home at Mark’Em All. Their rentals include more affordable options, if you’re just looking to rent a paintball marker for the day, as well as high-end tournament grade guns for the serious players.

If you’re looking for a location for a party or corporate event, Mark’Em All also hosts parties. They will help you plan your child’s birthday party and also welcome church and school groups too.

Paintball World Sports Complex

Paintball World Sports Complex, located in Orlando, is an expansive outdoor paintball facility that offers a total of 7 fields to play on. This facility is open to kids 10 years of age and older. You are allowed to bring all your own equipment here too, including your own paintballs, with no restrictions.

They offer birthday packages and host events, but reservations are recommended not only for events but also for daily play to ensure there will be enough gear for everyone.

One of the best things about this complex is their membership package. For $199.95 a year, you can get $5 admission and air, $10 rental guns, and discounts on purchases including paint and equipment. Their hours are also one of the best parts of this complex.

They are open every day from 10AM to 6PM. For those who play a lot or who need more flexibility in the schedule due to work or other commitments, Paintball World is a top choice to consider.

Clearwater Paintball

Clearwater Paintball Field Promo

Clearwater Paintball offers airsoft, paintball, and jelly ball. They are located in Clearwater, about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Orlando. Their field has mockups of tanks, buildings, trenches, and pillboxes. The field has separate areas for multiple groups to be able to play at the same time.

Other than the field, the facility also has shaded tent areas with picnic tables. They also note that due to their convenient location most pizza places will deliver to their facility. They host a variety of events and also welcome birthday parties and groups.

Clearwater allows you to bring your own gear, but they have limitations on it. Markers must shoot less than 13 balls a second at a velocity of less than 280fps in semiauto mode. They do not allow you to bring your own paintballs, noting safety concerns. They also offer rental gear for the day, which includes the marker, face goggles, tank and hopper, as well as all day air. 

Palm Bay Paintball Park

Palm Bay Paintball Park is an outdoor paintball facility that offers a variety of paintball experiences for players of all skill levels. With multiple fields to choose from, players can engage in a range of scenarios, including a speedball field that meets NXL regulations at 150′ x 120′. It is professionally gridded, with a layout to accommodate local, state, and national tournaments.

Palm Bay offers a wide range of gear rental packages. Their most basic package costs $30 and includes an EMEK paintball gun, a mask, tank, hopper, 180 paintballs, a 1 hour pass, and an air pass. Their highest-end package costs $175 and includes an electronic marker, mask, hopper, all day air, all day admission, tank, and tourny pod pack with pods.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a paintball field in Orlando, you may want to consider factors such as the size of the field, the type of gameplay, and the level of difficulty. You may also want to look at the cost of admission and equipment rental, as well as any additional fees for private parties or corporate events.