Where to Tie The Knot In Jacksonville, FL


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Key Points

  • Jacksonville has a wide variety of wedding venues, including beachside resorts, historic charmers, and even fun and unique venues.
  • If you want a beach wedding, Amelia Island is the top spot to be. But you can also find beautiful resorts in Atlantic Beach, Jax Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach.
  • Between November and March is best for an outdoor wedding in Jax. Florida is hot, and Jacksonville is no exception.

Jacksonville is often overlooked by tourists visiting Florida. After all, it’s the first major city on Highway 95. Lots of people are headed to Disney, the Keys, or Tampa and pass right through.

But there are actually a lot of great spots in Jacksonville, and that includes wedding venues. There are miles of coastline, historic neighborhoods, museums, and much more.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the prettiest spots and best resorts along the First Coast for planning your Big Day.

When is the ideal time to have a wedding in Jacksonville?

The best time for a wedding in Florida is between November and March, when the weather is the best. This is especially true for an outdoor wedding.

You’ll see many other sites recommending April as a good time, and you may do OK with an April wedding. But when I lived in Jacksonville we had a lot of hot days in April too.

Beachside Resorts

A beachside resort in Jacksonville offers you the chance to get married to the sounds of the waves and beauty of the ocean. Jax Beaches are long and very wide, so can accommodate even large groups.

The biggest downside though is that summers are very hot, and the beach is going to be even hotter. If you want a beach wedding, be especially careful with the time of year you book. I lived in Jacksonville for 6 years and even had a warm Thanksgiving one year!

Top Beachside Resorts

There are a few really good beachside resorts in the area you may want to consider.

Amelia Island, home to Fernandina Beach, is a very popular and beautiful spot for weddings, and for good reason. It’s also great for honeymoons and time with family. There are lots of biking and walking trails, restaurants, and activities. You can spend time at Little Talbot and Big Talbot Parks and enjoy the beaches and nature trails.

Two of the most beautiful resorts for weddings in Amelia Island include the Omni Amelia Island and the Ritz Carlton.

One Ocean Resort & Spa in Atlantic Beach is also filled with luxurious amenities and stunning ocean views, making it a popular choice for many couples.

Historic and Landmark Venues

If you’re looking for historic charm, Jacksonville won’t disappoint either! In fact, Jacksonville is filled with historic neighborhoods, including Avondale, where I lived. My house was almost 100 years old, which is not uncommon. Historic home tours are the norm here, and the entire city is rich with history.

Top Historic Venues

The Old Spanish Quarter encapsulates the essence of Spanish revival architecture paired with modern sophistication.

For a touch of industrial chic, The Glass Factory offers an urban and trendy setting with its preserved 1936 architecture by Henry Klutho.

Another gem, The Ribault Club on Fort George Island is a waterfront venue dating to 1928, with endless charm, a rich narrative, and waterfront views.

Country Clubs

By now, you’ve maybe started to get the impression that Jax has it all. And you wouldn’t be wrong by thinking that.

Jacksonville is also home to a number of luxury country clubs that serve as perfect wedding venues. A country club will be a higher-end option, with a price tag to match, but will offer full packages with white-glove service.

Top Country Club Venues

The Jacksonville Golf & Country Club stands out with its central location and stunning views of the golf course and lake. It’s a great spot for both ceremonies and receptions.

Similarly, Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club offers a blend of historical charm and modern luxury, perfect for those who appreciate a venue with a story.

Unique Venues and Dedicated Spaces

If you’re envisioning a Jacksonville wedding that steers clear of the traditional, then you’re in luck. The city is teeming with unique venues that promise a wedding experience as unique as your love story.

There are TONS of unique venues for weddings in Jax, but here are some to get you started. I’ve also added a few spots that are dedicated only to hosting events like weddings.

Top Unique Venues

Get married in an art museum! The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is in the Riverside neighborhood and offers weddings. They have a beautiful café and gardens. I’ve visited a few times and also enjoyed their selection of art. For me, I especially enjoyed the artifacts from the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean Exhibit. It would make for a great, low key event where family can enjoy spending time together while celebrating your new bond.

Cummer Museum not your taste? You may want to check out MOCA – the Museum of Contemporary Art. They have a great event space, with in-house catering, full bar service, and capacity for 1000+. If you are having the wedding of the year, this place can host it!

The Historic Pool Ballroom inside the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine was once the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. Today, it features enough space for up to 225 guests and multi-level space for receptions and the after party.

The Grand Rose Ballroom is a dedicated space right off Atlantic Boulevard. They’ve got a wide variety of in-house services, including many supplies like tables, decorations, lighting, and canopies. They offer a dedicated makeup suite for the bride and – best of all – a dance floor!

The Bottom Line

Amelia Island is one of the top spots for beachside weddings on the First Coast. For historic venues, you can’t go wrong with the Old Spanish Quarter or the Ribault Club. Jacksonville also has a number of country clubs, unique venues, and dedicated spaces for you to find just the right spot for your big day.